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Welcome to PESAT


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Get a website

Get a website


In today’s world a website is very important if you are running a business. This is because you need to stand out from the 100 of competitors in your industry. Today in Malaysia you can easily find 100 of businesses who are offering the same services and products. How can you be outstanding compared to your competitor? Of course having a website itself is not enough however your website is also a key point in your business branding. Below are few key features on what a website can do for your business.

  1. Your website can save you money

Today renting a shop lot in Malaysia is quite expensive, especially if you are looking to open one in ground floor. The rent can go easily up to RM2500 a month depending on your location. By having a website your customer can easily place their orders online and get all the necessary information they need on your product through your website. This solves the need of having a physical office/shop to showcase your product or services. This is just 1 example on how a website can save you money. There are plenty of other reasons why a website is the best and most cost efficient way to run your business.

  1. 24/7 access

Your customers can access your website 24/7 anywhere around the world. This increases your sales and enables more opportunity for new businesses to come in.

  1. Wider market

In old days a business needs allot of branches to operate in different cities. Today with the power of the internet, customers are able to order online and the goods can be supplied to them from one main location. Less cost, more profit and time saving.

  1. Customer Service

A website can also be used to provide customer support. In case customers are facing any issues with their product/services they can use your support system which is integrated with your website to get it solved. This way you win customers trust and gain more repeating customers

  1. Business Value

Have you tried applying for business loan in Malaysia? All application forms related to business loan highlights the requirement of having a website for your business. This is because the bank acknowledges that without a website a business can’t run in long term.

  1. More believe

Social media has made a huge change in how businesses run online today. Many people have gained good business through social media. However there are many cases where customer’s loss trust in online purchasing because of low product quality which does not match what is promised by the seller. Since this is happening, based on statistics by Google, it is proven that customers have more trust to purchase on a website compared to other internet medium.

  1. More professional

Owning a website and a company email id really helps when you are running for marketing offline. You can design a beautiful business card with your company website and email written in it. This creates more trust in your product/services.

These are just few benefits of owning a website. We hope you are convinced in owning a website by reading this post. If you need a professional website for your business you can contact us. Check out our web design package here.

Online marketing

Online marketing


The Internet is an important element to pull customers in today’s world. The increase in usage of internet and easy online access through mobile phones has made customers search for products and information on the internet daily. If you need to reach your potential clients with a cost effective solution, consider online marketing today.

The first paragraph of this post sums up everything you need to know about the importance of internet marketing. Many large corporations have slowly migrated from traditional offline marketing to online marketing now. This is because they realize the importance of this powerful medium called “The Internet”

For small businesses this is a great opportunity to market your product because online marketing is available in small budgets as well. You must be wondering what is online marketing and how to use the internet to get more customers for your business. Let us tell you how you can do it. Contact us today.