Get a Facebook page


Malaysia is one of the largest facebook users in the world. No matter what business are you involved, your potential customers are already using facebook! Most of them would like to spread news about your service.

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Some of them might love to receive updates regarding your business constantly. That is why you need to setup a facebook fan page so that you could connect with your customers and they could get involved in your business development.

We created this post to highlight the importance of facebook in building your business brand. We hope by reviewing the key points in this article you will have a better understanding on how to use facebook business page to promote your business.

The first thing to understand is that your facebook business page is not your website. There is a huge difference between a website and facebook page. A business website is essential for those who wish to stick in business for long term. This is because a website is proven to win customers trust when it comes to online purchasing and orders. There is a lot to talk about the difference between a website and facebook business page, therefore we will cover that in another post very soon. For now let us lay down the benefits of having a facebook business page.

  1. Interact with your existing customers

You can use facebook as a medium to communicate with your clients on your product/services. Get feedback, praises and sometime comments on how to improve your product/service. These way customers will feel more connected to you and will also help to spread your business info to their friends easily

  1. Reach a targeted audience

With facebook ads you can advertise your facebook business page within facebook which allows you to target a specific audience with the facebook ads system. This way there is a higher chance for you to get customers because you are able to place your advertisement in front of customers who needs your service.

  1. Pull traffic to your website

Facebook is a great way to pull traffic to your website. You can create contest, sharing content and promotional offers which can lead to your website.

  1. Get your business page before somebody else registers with your name

Facebook business page allows you to have a specific link that you can use to share with your customers and followers. This link is also seo friendly and will be visible when customers search you on Google. You competitors can use this as an opportunity to pull your traffic to their business page if you fail to register your facebook page link first. Therefore try to get it done as soon as possible to avoid any complications.

Having a facebook business page is a great way to perform online marketing. For those who like to do it professionally with beautiful timeline covers, online flyers and facebook ads training. We can help, click this link to view our facebook marketing package offer. Thank you.